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Refurbished Robots

Affordable Automation Solutions that Meet all OEM Specifications for Durability and Repeatability 
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We have refurbished hundreds of Fanuc Robots. Our experience, facilities and access to parts enables us to deliver a robot that meets all OEM specifications and exceeds your expectations. 

Our Refurbishment Process consists of:


Robot evaluations consist of a pre-power up inspection of cables connectors, motor caps, fans, switches/pushbuttons, seals, proper PC board connections, loose items and other physical concerns which could potentially be problematic when power is applied. After which the robot will run a repeatability/durability/backlash test for a minimum of ten (10) continuous hours with a full payload, through full range of motions evaluating the robot's ability to meet the OEM specifications of repeatability. This is followed by another inspection of mechanical and electrical components and a report of our findings is generated and provided to the customer. You can find out more about our Refurbished Robots on 


Our industry-leading refurbishment process covers every aspect of the arm/controller system to ensure the finished product meets all OEM specifications for durability and repeatability. A typical scope of work includes:


  • Clean inside and outside of controller cabinet

  • Clean heat exchanger

  • Inspect Controller for OEM Engineering Changes

  • Remove and clean all PCB's

  • Clean connector contacts

  • Replace fan filters

  • Replace cooling fans (when applicable)

  • Replace batteries

  • Delete old files from memory board (optional)

  • Replace any missing covers

  • Paint Controller (optional)

  • Perform functionality test on Teach Pendant

  • Prepare for shipment


  • Clean mechanical unit

  • Disconnect all cable connectors

  • Clean all contact pins and plugs

  • Clean drive components

  • Replace lubricants per OEM specification

  • Master the robot (when applicable)

  • Paint Robot (optional)

  • Adjust over-travel limit switches (optional)

  • Install witness marks

  • Run a verification test of a minimum of fifty (50)
    cycles to confirm proper operation and cable connections prior to completion.

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Our Refurbished Fanuc Robot Inventory
Here are highlights of an actual customer's R-2000iB refurbishment journey.  
-2000iB Before Refurbishment

This Fanuc R-2000iB had seen a good bit of typical use, but was still a good candidate for refurbishment.

R-2000iB Grease and Metal

The robot was covered in a mixture of grease and metal shavings

R-2000iB Chipped Paint

Years of wear has chipped and even removed much of the paint.

R-2000iB Dirty Motors

Every exposed surface is coated in grime.

R-2000iB Worn Dirty Cables

The cabling was worn and the protective coverings were in need of replacing.

R-2000iB Cleaned and Prepped

Our refurbishment process begins with a thorough cleaning. Once clean, an inspection of all mechanical and electrical components can begin.

R-2000iB RV

Axis 1 would not meet repeatability specs for backlash. Upon its removal small pieces of the gear assembly were found in the grease. It had to be replaced.

R-2000iB Ready for Paint

The bodywork is complete and the robot is in the process of being prepped for paint.

R-2000iB New Motors

All the motors were either replaced, repaired or repainted depending on the condition and need.

R-2000iB connections

All cable connectors are cleaned and inspected.

R-2000iB After Refurbishment

With a fresh paint job in the original FANUC yellow – complete with black accents, this robot has a new lease on life. It is almost indistinguishable from a new robot.

R-2000iB Ready to Ship

Complete with new arm tags and cable covers, the fully refurbished robot has been load tested to ensure it meets all OEM standards and is about to be bolted, banded and shipped back to a happy customer.

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