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Lifecycle Support

Preventative Maintenance and Tech Support
Preventative Maintenance

Multi-Point Service covers all high-failure components

On Your Schedule

We work around you to avoid costly downtime

Cost- Saving

Find the problems before your machine is down

If you don't schedule time for maintenance, your Robots will schedule it for you. Avoid costly down-time in the future by fixing the simple issues now.  


Our Multi-Point Service includes:

  • Replacement of all Backup Batteries

  • Replacement of Controller Fan Filters (when applicable)

  • Exterior damage inspection

  • Operator Panel Inspection

  • Teach Pendant Inspection

  • Inspection of Visible Cables

  • Visual Check of EOAT

  • Physical Axis Check for Grease Leaks & Excess Backlash

  • Axis Joint Lubrication - with check for metallic content

  • Zerk Fitting Lubrication and Cap replacement

Plus, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing all maintenance work completed, a predictive analysis showing areas of failure risk and highlights of suggested repairs to optimize performance and reliability.

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