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FANUC Robots

We don’t just sell robots.  We sell automation solutions.

As a Fanuc Authorized Systems Integrator, MASTER Robotics is ready to help make your vision a reality; from inception to production.  Fanuc stands as the number one brand in robotics the world over for good reason – they offer the most comprehensive, most reliable and most versatile robot lineup in the market.  Fanuc robots are guaranteed lifetime support and we stand behind that brand promise.  MASTER Robotics offers the full range of Fanuc’s robot products with an emphasis on the models most prevalent in heavy industrial manufacturing.

The MASTER Robotics approach to robot sales is to provide the solution that meets the unique needs of the customer.  It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  Whether you need full integration support to launch your project or are a strong DIY customer that just needs an integration-ready robot, MASTER Robotics is here to offer the solution you need.

We can help with new or existing automation applications and specialize in helping customer define requirements for reach, payload, work envelope, software programs, hardware requirements, peripheral systems such as welders, turntables and auxiliary axis control required to operate them, end-of-arm-tooling and more.

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LR Mate Series

  • ER-4iA

  • LR Mate 200iD/4S

  • LR Mate 200iD/4SH

  • LR Mate 200iD/4SC

  • LR Mate 200iD

  • LR Mate 200iD/7H

  • LR Mate 200iD/7C

  • LR Mate 200iD/7WP

  • LR Mate 200iD/7L

  • LR Mate 200iD/7LC

  • LR Mate 200iD/14L


M-10 Series

  • M-10iD/8L

  • M-10iD/10L

  • M-10iD/12

  • M-10iD/16S


M-20 Series

  • M-20iB/25

  • M-20iB/25C

  • M-20iB/35S

  • M-20iD/12L

  • M-20iD/25


M-410 Series

  • M-410iB/140H

  • M-410iB/700

  • M-410iC/110

  • M-410iC/185

  • M-410iC315

  • M-410iC.500


M-710 Series

  • M-710iC/12L

  • M-710iC/20L

  • M-710iC/20M

  • M-710iC/45M

  • M-710iC/50

  • M-710iC/50E

  • M-710iC/50H

  • M-710iC/50S

  • M-710iC/70


M-900 Series

  • M-900iA/200P

  • M-900iB/280

  • M-900iB/280L

  • M-900iB/330L

  • M-900iB/360

  • M-900iB/400L

  • M-900iB/700


M-2000 Series

  • M-2000iA/900L

  • M-2000iA/1200

  • M-2000iA/1700L

  • M-2000iA/2300


Collaborative Series

  • CR-4iA

  • CR-7iA

  • CR-7iA/L

  • CR-14iA/L

  • CR-15iA

  • CR-35iA

  • CRX-10iA

  • CRX-10iA/L


Arc Weld Series

  • Arc Mate 50iD/7L

  • Arc Mate 100iD

  • Arc Mate 100iD/8L

  • Arc Mate 120iD

  • Arc Mate 120iD/12L


Top Loader Series

  • M-20iA/20T

  • M-20iA/20MT

  • M-20iA/35MT

  • M-710iC/50T

  • M-710iC/70T

  • R-2000iB/200T


R-1000 Series

  • R-1000iA/80F

  • R-1000iA/80H

  • R-1000iA/100F

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