Robot Repair:

MASTER Robotics provides quick, reliable repair of any part of your industrial robot. This service includes, but is not limited to:

Send your robot component repair to us with complete confidence knowing you are getting the best value for your money. Our repair evaluations are FREE, and you’ll never be kept in the dark regarding what is wrong with your equipment. We’ll educate you as to what may be causing its failure, and how to prevent repeat occurrences. If, upon completion of our extensive assessments, we determine there is no problem with your equipment, we’ll inform you that your component passed all tests and it will be returned No Charge (except shipping and handling charges).

To help meet the budget and maintenance requirements of our customers, MASTER Robotics offers a dual-price structure whenever possible. We quote just what is required to make the unit operate as per specifications and a second price to refurbish the unit. The “repair only” warranty covers the repairs made (parts & labor) for one year. The unit refurbishment consist of greater study and the possible replacement of functioning components that we suspect could fail due to age or because they are functioning only within the minimum specifications. All refurbishments carry a one year warranty (parts & labor) for complete unit. You decide at the time of quotation which method/price you want to proceed with. The good news is, even our “refurbishment” price is a significant savings over the OEM repair cost - typically 40% or more in savings!

Robot Refurbishment:

We provide total robot refurbishment, restoring your robot to a reliable/dependable condition meeting the OEM specifications of repeatability. We can then paint your robot to the original OEM color schemes or to your custom preference with a precise detailing finish!

Refurbished and Used Robot Sales:

If you need a robot, we can provide you with our refurbished robots tailored to your specific needs, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Our robots include a one year parts and labor warranty. We also buy used robots or can take them in on trade.

Spare Parts Sales:

Whether you are looking for new or used robotic spare parts, we can quickly provide you with a quote for even the hardest to find equipment. Contact us to let us know what you need.

Preventive Maintenance and Field Service:

MASTER Robotics offers Preventive Maintenance service for your robots at very reasonable rates(volume discounts are available when 24 or more robots are scheduled for the same period). Work is performed to the OEM’s instructions by trained technicians. Our multi-point inspection/assessment will help you to keep your robots from costly failures and down production by alerting you of potential trouble spots on your robots. Our Field Service rates are very attractive, and we travel anywhere in North America. Technical phone support is always FREE to our customers.


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